MR. ORANGE now at STARTUPSTORE ‘N STORIES, The Crowdfunding Pop-Up Store of Munich


The Crowdfunding Pop-Up Store of Munich

Germany’s first Crowdfunding Pop-Up Store was launched in 2016. Now a new Store opens, with support of the Culture and Creative Industry of Munich: STARTUPSTORE ‘N STORIES.

What is the aim of such a store? First, startups get the chance to make their company and their crowdfunding campaign visible to end users, to network and sell. Second, to show an alternative form of retailing. Third, to bring the end user closer to the Crowdfunding concept.

The website and the platform Startnext support the launch of the new Munich STARTUPSTORE N ‘STORIES.

The location

STARTUPSTORE N’ STORIES was opened on June 23 in the Ruffinihaus, a group of three houses on the Rindermarkt,  in the Old Town of Munich, Germany, built by Gabriel von Seidl from 1903 to 1905. More in detail, this building is a prominent site by virtue of both being a historical location. In addition, it marks the transition point between the oldest core of the city and its first expansion in the 13th century. Moreover, the Bavarian Office of Monument Preservation describes the building as “romantic-native mood architecture of the highest level for the interpretation of a historic image of an old town as seen under a picturesque ideal, which was meant to be ‘upgraded’.”

In this exclusive location in the center of Munich the past meets the future, the traditional store meets the start up stories. In the store there are many different products with a common history: the Crowdfunding. Each product is first presented and finally featured by its funding story.

Since 18.07.2017 MR. ORANGE is featured in at the STARTUPSTORE ‘N STORIES. We are finally glad that our creation reached this important milestone. In conclusion we are proud to be there and to tell our story. It may inspire other in following theirs dreams using the Crowdfunding.

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