MR. ORANGE is a crowdfunded project: you can order your MR. ORANGE during our crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, starting from September 2016 (www.kickstarter.com). The campaign will last one month; if the campaign will be successful, you will beable to buy it on our online store and in selected shops in Munich from January 2017.


Crowdfunding is by definition “the practice of funding a project by raising many small amounts of money from a large number of people, typically via the Internet.” Project creators can create a profile typically containing a short video, an introduction to their project, a list of rewards per donation, and some images of their product. The idea is to create a compelling message that readers will be drawn towards. The idea of “it’s not what you do, but why you do it” really hits home here. Project creators will generate a unique community of likeminded individuals: they could include friends, family, work acquaintances, or anyone that the owner is connected to, including their second and third degree connections. Each campaign is set for a goal amount of money and a fixed number of days. Once the project is launched, each day will be counted down and the money raised will be tallied up for visitors to follow its success. Typically, most successful start-ups fundraising efforts receive about 25-40% of their revenue from their first, second and third degree of connections. So friends, support us!


We are colleagues in the automotive field and friends in life. We both have a strong passion for innovation and the dream of turning our ideas into reality. We started brainstorming together, once a week after work while cooking good Italian food. It didn’t take long to come up with several potential ideas, all of them highly revolutionary, based on several different technologies and extremely complex. Complexity, that was the problem. Actually, brilliant ideas are simple ideas. We decided to have a break and to drink something relaxing. No more red wine, neither coffee nor beer. Just some oranges left on the table. “Let´s drink them!”, we said. But here it was again: complexity. Take a knife, cut them, find a squeezer, filter the juice... and then wash it all, too. Isn’t there a way to make it easier and funnier? A way to drink juice directly from the orange while sitting on the sofa? And here’s how MR. ORANGE was born, a product that’s meant to create a new drinking experience! During the developing phase we tested different approaches, we checked different geometries for the straw, we even made a statistic research evaluating MR. ORANGE’s efficiency. During the first months of 2016 we drank more oranges than ever in our lives… not because we need them for the development phase, but simply because using MR.ORANGE was so much fun (not to mention our mums who were so happy we were getting that much vitamin C)! The product become reality: 12 colourful prototypes were presented at different launch events in Munich. Many friends enjoyed this new drinking experience with us. If you like the idea and if you are looking for something new, follow us on Facebook and Linkedin! Drinking oranges in not only healthy, but also social and cool.


Yes! The materials used for MR. ORANGE fulfil the latest European regulations in matter of food contact materials. The straw of MR. ORANGE is made by high quality aluminum alloy, the AL2011. The colored version of the straws are treated with a very strong galvanic oxidation sealed with 15um thickness. The black rubber lid of MR. ORANGE is made of rubber, the TPV 1A75 MCR 99. Are you looking for more details? In our download center you will find the certification of the product, as well as the chemical composition of the aluminum alloy, of the surface treatment and of the rubber.


Aluminium is one of the most common elements on earth and it is used in a wide range of applications. Given aluminium’s widespread occurrence in both the environment and in commercial applications, its safety has been thoroughly investigated. There is no evidence that aluminium poses a risk to health. Despite this, a number of myths persist. You will find more information about the aluminium technoloy on the web site of the European Aluminium. You will find many information related to the health safety of aluminium at http://european-aluminium.eu/policy-areas/health-safety/ and you can even download some artilces.


Yes! MR. ORANGE is dishwasher safe.


Yes! MR. ORANGE all materials are labeled according to the VDA260 norm, guaranteeing the recyclability of all materials used in the product. The straw of MR. ORANGE is made by aluminum. The color is given by galvanic oxidation and not a paint (see FAQ below). So, MR. ORANGE is recyclable like any other aluminum product. The lid of MR. ORANGE is made of TPV and it can be melted down to produce other rubber products. Moreover, MR.ORANGE is designed to last several years. Using it instead of the traditional disposable plastic straw you will help the planet to reducing waste! You will find many information related to the sustainability of aluminium at http://european-aluminium.eu/policy-areas/sustainability/


Calculation in progress. Results coming soon!


No. MR. ORANGE has no painting. It has a galvanic surface treatment called anodic oxidation sealed with 15um thicknes. Anodic oxidation is an electrochemical method for the production of an oxide film on a metallic substrate. It removes electrons from a substance and oxidizes the anode. For example, anodic oxidation is used to modify the surfaces and properties aluminum owing to improve resultant mechanical properties , increase non-biotoxicity, improving biocompatible resultant mechanical properties, and increase corrosion resistance. In summary, It provides an extremely high surface hardness and the different solutions of galvanic create different colors. Thus, the color is not a paint, so it does not contain any hazardous materials and it satisfies all regulations concerning food contact material. Since it is not a paint, it cannot be removed easily from the straw. What does it means? It means that it will be less effected by scratches, it will remain brilliant for many years and you will have no risk to ingest particles of it while drinking.


We use a high standard approach in developing our products, by having a complete control on oursupply chain. Our suppliers are certified ISO 9001 and they adopt the DNV quality system.


MR. ORANGE is designed to last several years. Moreover, the colored version has a galvanic surfacetreatment which ensure a very strong superficial hardness.

No! MR. ORANGE is more than an innovative tool to drink the fruit juice directly from the fruit. Youcan use the straw instead of the traditional disposable plastic straw. You will have always yourpersonal stylish straw and you will help the planet by reducing the plastic waste. Moreover, themetal straw gives an additional cooling effect, by reducing the temperature of your drink to ambienttemperature