MR. ORANGE is a cool straw which will make drinking juice straight from the fruit as easy as pie! No more knives, squeezing tools, glasses and so on will be needed. It works well with all fruits and vegetables that you can normally squeeze the juice out, such as oranges, grapefruits, tangerines, lemons and citrus fruits in general. MR. ORANGE is made of colorful strong metal and designed to be timeless: use it also as an ordinary straw and help the planet by reducing waste. MR. ORANGE is made of colorful strong metal and designed to be timeless; even by using it as an ordinary straw you will reduce waste and help the planet. Post on our social media the fruit you most like to drink from with MR. ORANGE!


MR. ORANGE WORKS in 4 easy steps:

  1. Take Mr. Orange
  2. Hold the fruit and place the rubber lid on it.
  3. Stick the straw into the fruit through the rubber lid, keeping away from the fruit stalk. Take care not to pierce through the bottom of the fruit.
  4. Smash the pulp and dig into the fruit by making circular movements. Do not be in a hurry! Begin with small movements and increase them while drinking. When the pulp is smashed, you can press the fruit skin between the straw and your thumb.

 Enjoy your new drinking experience!


MR. ORANGE features a metallic straw and a rubber lid. The straw is made by a lightweight anodized aluminum alloy and the lid is made by a durable black rubber.

  • Straw: diameter: 8 mm, lenght: 200 mm, weight: 9 g, material: aluminium 6082 with 15um anodic oxidation.
  • Lid: diameter: 32 mm, height: 10 mm, weight: 20 g, material: 

The food-safe coating is a high-quality material providing the straw with a brilliant and scratch resistance surface: use MR. ORANGE as many times as you wish, it is designed to last. Moreover, it is dishwasher safe, it has a lightweight design and it is recyclable with the aluminium waste.

MR.ORANGE is available in different colors. At the beginning three colors are available. Back us on Kickstarter and spread the word to unlock all of them!


MR. ORANGE is certified for food contact. All used materials fulfil the following regulations concerning general principles of safety and inertness of food contact materials:

  • Regulation (EC) No 1935/2004 (Framework Regulation)
  • Regulation (EC) No 2023/2006 (Regulation on Good Manufacturing Practices)

For more information about the European legislation in matters of food contact materials, visit the official website of the European Community:



  • Office: European Patent Office of Munich
  • Application date: 13.07.2016
  • Application number: 10-2016-008-552.2
  • Application title: "Methods, devices and kit for drinking fruit juice straight from the fruit"


Item per package: one aluminium straw and one rubber lid. Package type: plastic bag.

  • Article grey: 526.045.001  
  • Article green: 526.045.002
  • Article red: 526.045.003
  • Article blue: 526.045.004
  • Article black: 526.045.005
  • Article yellow: 526.045.006


For the best care of your MR. ORANGE, we recommend hand wash or the ECO program of the dishwasher (<50°C).

Aluminium reacts with elements in atmosphere. If not used frequently, it is advisable to wash the product before using it in order to avoid possible bad flavours. Particularly in marine climates, stains may form as a result of oxidation, but they do not compromise the quality of the product.